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 The Ninth Division (九番隊, kyūbantai)

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PostSubject: The Ninth Division (九番隊, kyūbantai)   Sun May 27, 2012 8:37 pm

The Ninth Division follows the traditional organization of a Gotei 13 Division.
The Captain of the 9th Division is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Seireitei News Magazine.
The mission of the Ninth Division is to protect the Seireitei. It is always on standby for combat because it is the security force of the Gotei 13. Traditionally, Ninth Division has overseen arts and culture. For this reason it is known to be in charge of the Seireitei news magazine. All the lieutenants of the divisions of Gotei 13 hand in their reports to them.
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The Ninth Division (九番隊, kyūbantai)
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