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 The Twelfth Division (十二番隊, jūnibantai)

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PostSubject: The Twelfth Division (十二番隊, jūnibantai)   Sun May 27, 2012 8:35 pm

The twelfth Division follows the traditional organization of a Gotei 13 Division. The 12th Division is a one-man division, with Mayuri Kurotsuchi having absolute authority. If one dares to utter an opinion, he could very well find himself reconstructed into a Human bomb. The secret to longevity here is working quietly and without being noticed.

The 12th Division develops new technology and spiritual tools and its been the home of the S.R.D.I. (Shinigami Research and Development Institute) for 110 years.
As such technological and scientific research has become the full measure of what the division involves itself in primarily. Members are tasked with research and collection of data and samples, something both the current and previous Captains are very enthusiastic about, though not to the same extreme.
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The Twelfth Division (十二番隊, jūnibantai)
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