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 The Thirteenth Division (十三番隊, jūsanbantai)

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PostSubject: The Thirteenth Division (十三番隊, jūsanbantai)   Sun May 27, 2012 8:34 pm

The 13th division's organization is peculiar; the Captain, due to his weakened health state, until recently the 13th Division was the only division that operated with two 3rd Seat officers and no Lieutenant. Like all the other barracks, the 13th Division Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the 13th. The Barrack grounds all contain the Ugendō (雨乾堂, Rain Dried Hall) Quarters, which is set aside for use of the captain of the 13th Division. He is known to rest there to recover from his frequent bouts of illness. The pond around the Ugendō Quarters is filled with Koi stolen from the Kuchiki Family Manor.
No special duties have been noted for the 13th Division. Due to the Captains gentle natute, the soldiers of the 13th division all have a steadfast unity.
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The Thirteenth Division (十三番隊, jūsanbantai)
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