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 Bleach Roleplay Welcome and Rules.

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PostSubject: Bleach Roleplay Welcome and Rules.   Tue May 29, 2012 12:35 pm

Welcome to the Bleach Roleplay section of ARC.
The moderators of this roleplay are:

This roleplay is set in the Bleach universe based on the manga by Kubo Tite.
It is not completely cannon to either the anime or the manga but we try to keep it as authentic as possible.You will notice that we have included some of the locations in the Bleach universe. Namely, the Human world, Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. As the plot develops we may add locations if needed.

Rules about Character roleplay:
-General Roleplay and Forum Rules apply. Manners and respect at all times.
-Choose one character to start off with.
-If you choose a character from a certain class please remain in the threads allocated for that class:
-Humans start out in the human world
-Espada, Accancar and Hollows start out in Hueco Mundo.
-Shinigami and Zanpaktou spirits in Soul Society.

General Note on Shinigami and Hollows:
Shinigami who are part of a Division must start out in thier respective barracks.
If you create an original shinigami character, you will start your roleplay in the Shino Academy and then graduate to join one of the divisions or in the Rukongai district if you wish. Please do not enter the Gotei 13 threads unless you have authority to do so.

Do not enter Los Nachos without permission if you are an original Hollow character. If you wish to join a faccion, ask an Espada to recruit you. Within Las Noches, you must not enter the throne room, meeting room, Aizen, Gin or Tousens quarters or any of the other Espada quarters in your roleplay unless you are permitted to do so. If Aizen shows up, only the espada and the other two from the defected shinigami may interact with him. (This is to create an atmosphere and add to the enjoyment of the roleplay.)

Humans, Bounts and Vizards:
Start out in the Human world.

This is not a strict sparring roleplay as yet but if the demand be, we shall place sparring threads and set a point system in place. Do not randomly attack other people unless it is part of the plot and are instructed to do so. Read general roleplay rules about Godmodding. If there is a lul in the plot, think of it as an omake and create your own scenes within the framework. Everything will be monitored and posts deleted if they are inappropriate.

There is a specific thread that you can post your application for an original character and will serve as a database and reference archive.

Note on non-playable characters: do not address them unless they address you personally. They are purely plot devices.
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Bleach Roleplay Welcome and Rules.
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