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 General Roleplay Rules.

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PostSubject: General Roleplay Rules.   Mon May 28, 2012 9:35 am

General Rules about roleplay at this forum.

How it works here:
1. Each roleplay has an admin section. Before you start roleplaying you should read the specified instructions for each roleplay. Once you have been added and approved, you may start roleplaying.
2. Stick to your assigned threads.
3. No character can be in more than one thread at a time.
4. Pay attention to the plot outline and hints given by the mods.
5. Though we may not be as strict about posting style we do put in a lot of effort in creating the world the characters exist in. As the forum grows in terms of active members, so will the roleplay. We leave room for you to express yourself in anyway you feel befitting to your character because it is all about the character you control, whether it be a cannon one or an original.
6. Take part, offer suggestions. The whole forum is basically run by 2 people. We need your input to make it a better more interesting place.
7. Moderators of each roleplay will warn you of any inappropriate behaviour and report to us, the Admin of the site that oversee all the roleplays and plays the major unplayable characters if needed but will serve as plot devices.

1. Keep your posts clear and simple. People must understand what you are trying to say. Unlike most Roleplay Forums, we do not require lengthly essays. You can if you wish but the feature of this forum is keeping the action current and interesting. We are following the live chat style of roleply to keep it dynamic and convensional punctuation rules need not apply.
2. Be creative. Use any means to create an atmosphere. Use images, smilies, well planned descriptions of actions and interesting dialogue and speech patterns.
3. NO godmodding. Godmodding is not reacting to injuries, getting tired or constantly dodging attacks and acting in a godlike invincible manner. You should react appropriately and you cannot control another persons actions in your own post. You will get injured and tired if you are attacked so respond appropriately.
4. Think before you type. Plan what you will say. Don't just type down the first thing that comes to mind. While we don't expect novels, we don't want random spamming either. Your post will be removed if does not add to the conversation, scene or plot in anyway.
5. Do not barge in on a criticle scene. Especially if it is one where the admin is present.
6. Creating threads within a roleplay: this is permitted within certain areas but please PM your request beforehand and gain permission first.
7. If you do roleplay as more than one character (more on chooseing characters later), please clearly state which character you will be roleplaying at the time so there is no confusion. You can roleplay both in one post but please chearly indicate which parts apply to which character.
Demo post style:

Choosing characters:
1. We have made a list of pretty much every cannon character available to each anime/manga roleplay we have here. You may choose one cannon character per roleplay.
2. If you prove to be active and a good roleplayer and wish to take on more characters in one roleplay at the same time you can with permission.
3. The characters you choose will be your responsibility so it is up to you to do that character justice.
4. If you are more creative and have a little more time on your hands, feel free to create your own original character, provided it fits in with that particular world you are roleplaying in.
5. If you are wanting a break, going to be away for an extended period of time, please just let us know. If you are not seen for a month, we will remove your name from the list.
6. Do not kill off cannon characters without permission.
7. Characters may form romantic relationships within the roleplay. This… can be crack pairings but must stay within the roleplay. Please keep this to a minimum though.
8. Do not start random fights or attack without reason.
9. Do not take things personally. This is roleplay and keep it as such. You are in character so do not bring personal issues into the roleplay either.
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General Roleplay Rules.
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