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 General FAQ

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PostSubject: General FAQ   Sun May 27, 2012 11:28 pm

Avatar, Siggy and Image FAQ
- Any large image must be placed in spoilers or provide a link to the original.
-Avatar dimensions: 160 x 270 pixels and file extension .png .gif or .jpeg
- No stacking images, aka, putting two images together to make one huge one.
- Forum rules apply to all sigs, avies and images, so no pron, racism, hating or offensive material.

Post FAQ
-There is a character mimimum limit to your post. You can do better than "lol" as a reply.
-No limit has been placed on the size of the image but please refrain from posting massive images outside spoiler tabs.
-We are not Grammar Nazis but please at least attempt to make your post somewhat legible.
-There is no limit on how many smilies you may use.

About us FAQ

What is this forum for?
Fun. Amusement . Entertainment. This is a place for anyone who loves anime and manga and anyone who loves to take part in online text based roleplay games on a relatively easy and simple level. Though we offer the option of taking on existing characters, we also encourage you to create your own within the setting of that particular anime/manga. We are new and have a long way to go so we are open to any feedback and suggestions.

Who runs this forum?
Fans like yourself.

Who are the forum leaders?
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General FAQ
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