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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun May 27, 2012 7:22 pm

We set out these rules to keep ARC a safe, friendly online environment. Breaking of rules will result in a warning or ban depending on the severity. The staff will use their discretion for each separate case and reserve the right not to take action at all or to bad immediately if deemed necessary.
These rules will and can be updated at any time.

Instant Ban

Things that we will instantly ban you for:

Racist Comments/Flaming
Homophobic Comments/Flaming
Advertising without permission (pm me for permission to advertise)
Jokes are funny but racist and homophobic comments and jokes are discouraged.

Other Forum Rules

* Just use common sense and be nice to each other. RESPECT people. It really isn't hard.

* No flame wars/flaming. Mod bashing is also considered flaming. If you disagree, agree to disagree. Debates are fine but keep it cool. You wont win an argument with insults.

* We are not going to restrict swearing but again... there is a limit to everything.

* No posting of real life porn/real life porn site links. Please... the internet is HUGE! People can go find that stuff for themselves if that's what they want. Heavily graphic hentai and anime porn is also forbidden here. At the moment there is not an adult section so please don't be offensive.

*Topics of an adult nature in spoilers with a warning. People should be given the option to choose to read it or not. Again, please don't be offensive and overly graphic. This is not that kind of site.

* Try not to double post. Edit your previous post if possible.

* Threads close at 1000 posts. Mods will lock a thread that reaches this limit and a new thread can be started (v2 or whatever).

* Keep threads on topic.

* Don’t make spam posts, try and contribute something to a conversation. To cater for our need to be random and pointless, we added a section just for that.

* No duplicate accounts.

* Don't encourage trolls. Ignore them and they will go away. Severe trolling will be banned.

* If you don't like something a mod or admin does, do not confront them publicly, PM them.

* Name changes... we discourage completely. Choose wisely. If you INSIST that FairySparklePrincess is just not you anymore and really really want to change it, ask nicely via PM. Each case will be assessed.

* No harsh character/pairing bashing. You may discuss characters flaws but please try and do it in an objective way. We don't all like the same characters and individuality is what makes us unique... so get over the fact that someone adores a character that you cannot stand. And avoid fighting over a favorite character either. There are plenty enough to go around. Play nice.

Please use your common sense.

If you have any complains or suggestions, PM one of teh admin or post any of your questions here in the Rules forum.
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Forum Rules
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